Email Communcation

What does the world of communication look like right now? What are the barriers to getting our point across today, at this moment in time? There are a bunch, and none of them are inconsequential. Truth #1: The world continues to be a really noisy place. There are lots of people and things competing for attention span and mind share, and […]

This post was written by Hannah Morris, Director of Assessment & Advancement at The Latimer Group. Have you ever opened an email, started reading, and, five words in, felt a strong visceral reaction? Perhaps it is a warm flush of gratitude and recognition, a tightness in your chest that holds excitement and opportunity. Or maybe it’s the […]

This is the third in a series of posts where I will share my business lessons learned (thus far) from the global health crisis. How long a series will this be? Not sure… the lessons are still percolating, and the crisis is far from over. This could be a long series… In my first post […]

Every once in a while, something unexpected happens that just makes your day so much better. I had one of those “somethings” yesterday. I am on the road again this week, away from my family, which is never fun. I landed and made my way to the hotel, got settled and unpacked, and prepared to […]

I recently got a great email from a client named Colin. We’ve done extensive work with his company over the last five years, and Colin will occasionally reach out and give me a great idea for a blog post or a podcast. Colin listed for me the ways that his colleagues can reach him: work email (which […]

The numbers may vary from study to study, but the story is generally the same these days: a significant percentage of emails today are initially read via a mobile device. But when it comes to work-related emails, most of the importantemails we write, the ones with some substance on important topics, we tend to write from […]

Email has become a major problem for almost everyone we meet. We hear people from every client company complaining in every workshop, about how many emails they get, how many of them are unnecessary and how much time they waste managing their email. A tool that was designed to create efficiency has evolved to the […]

Originally published with the Forbes Coaches Council January 29, 2018. Not long ago, I made a decision about a key benefits program for my company. I was excited about it; I felt like I was making a good call for the whole team. That Friday afternoon, pumped up, I sent out a Slack message to everyone announcing […]

Earlier this summer, I wrote a short post about giving up my mobile devices for part of my vacation. So many of us struggle with the balance between being connected with the world vs being connected with the people right in front of us. And our mobile devices have become toxic roadblocks to attention span, […]

I spent the last week on vacation with my family. Which means that for a few days prior to the beginning of vacation, my wife and I had our annual negotiation about mobile devices and the boundaries during vacation. In general, she and I agree on the basic premise… it is healthy to turn off […]