The Best Email I Have Ever Received

Every once in a while, something unexpected happens that just makes your day so much better. I had one of those “somethings” yesterday. I am on the road again this week, away from my family, which is never fun. I landed and made my way to the hotel, got settled and unpacked, and prepared to do a little work before an early to bed.

I got a text from my wife that simply said “check your email!”

So, of course I immediately did. And this is what was waiting for me.

Hello daddy. This is my first email ever. How was your flight? Love, Zachary

(Heart melting…)

My wife and I have recently decided that we would start (carefully) introducing our son to the online world. We got him a Chrome Book, so he can sync up with some of his work from school. We got him his first email address so he can start writing to his grandparents, aunts, uncles and cousins. And we put in place a long list of parental controls.

But that is not the point of this post. The point today is that communication tools like email serve a variety of purposes. My colleagues and I tend to focus on the business applications. But sometimes, the most effective and impactful emails are the simple ones where we reach out to people we care about and just say “hello.” And when that “hello” comes from your ten year old son in the first email he has ever written, well… that is magic. That’s the good stuff.

Take a moment and send a note to someone you care about, someone you have not spoken to in a while. Make a connection. You will almost certainly make someone’s day.

Good luck.

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2 responses to “The Best Email I Have Ever Received”

  1. Jodi Weinberger says:

    Awww, made me tear up. That’s cool. Our kids grow up so fast…now I send my 11 yo grandson messages of the like. Enjoy your day!
    Jodi Weinberger, HR Director

  2. Dean Brenner says:

    Thanks Jodi! Great to hear from you. It goes by way too fast.


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