When We Communicate Well, We Are Empowered

My colleagues and I talk and teach all the time about the power of strong communication skills. When we communicate effectively, The Latimer Group always says, we drive results. We get approvals. We connect with the people around us. So many good things happen when we can communicate well.

But let’s add to that long list benefits. Because there is another way to think about what good communication skills do for you.

Powerful communication skills are a form of empowerment, for ourselves and our organizations. Powerful communication skills make us a stronger presence in this world.

When we are heard, we are empowered.

When we can advocate for the things we believe in, we are empowered.

When we can capture the attention of the people around us, we are empowered.

When people remember what we said, we are empowered.

(This kind of ups the stakes, doesn’t it?)

Powerful communication is about more than just leading a great meeting, not wasting other people’s time, or getting approval for your budget. Those things are still really important, and always will be. But powerful communication is also about advocating for your ideas, the causes you believe in, your organization… and yourself.

Do you want to be a powerful advocate for the things you believe in? Then your communication skills need your time and attention. You will be more powerful and your organization will be stronger, when you empower yourself through clear and powerful communication skills.

And given the circumstances of the world around us, we need more powerful communication skills. A lot more.

Have a great, safe, and empowered day.

We believe that great communication skills change the world. We transform people and organizations of all sizes with simple, repeatable techniques, through an integrated platform of corporate training, coaching, and asynchronous learning.

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  1. Sara Rusniak says:

    Very informative blog!! you have well explained to us about communication specialists as we all communication is a very important role in today’s world.

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