What is Persuasive Communication NOT About?

Let’s get a few things straight about what persuasive communication is NOT.

Persuasive communication is NOT about simply overpowering the other person.

Persuasive communication is NOT about using the power dynamic in your favor to always get what you want.

Persuasive communication is NOT about getting in the last word, and cutting the other person off in the process.

And persuasive communication is NOT about saying whatever you have to say in the moment to get the outcome that you want.

Persuasive communication is about none of these things. And in fact, it is becoming a bit of a lost art in our noisy, opinionated, fast-paced world.

Here is what persuasive communication IS about:

  1. Knowing what your goal or point is.
  2. Having compelling research or information to back up your assertion or plan, and making the strongest argument possible.
  3. Making your point as clearly, simply and respectfully as possible.
  4. Respecting that someone else may have a different opinion, and listening to that other point of view.
  5. Giving the other party some time to absorb your information, and catch up to your point of view.
  6. Modifying your point and seeking compromise where appropriate or necessary.

Persuasion is about debate, discussion and trying to change minds. And if you can make a compelling point that is delivered with respect, your successful outcome will have long-term strength. If, on the other hand, you only think about the short-term win, regardless of your tactics, your short-term win will almost certainly reduce your chances for success in future interactions. Because if you simply overpower someone, and send them away feeling badly about the interaction, you will be entrenching them to disagree with you the next time, no matter how powerful your next argument is.

Take the long view when it comes to persuasive communication. You will get what you want sometimes, but not always. And if you make your compelling point while treating people with respect, you are not only more likely to get what you want this time, but next time also.

Good luck!

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