Think of Your Message Like a Meal

Think of your communication like a meal. Let your audience savor and  digest slowly. Don't force-feed them!

A good meal should be enjoyed, one bite at a time. Take a bite, chew it, swallow it, enjoy it. If you eat it too quickly, it will be over and you will not have had a chance to think about it and appreciate the experience. Slow down! Don’t eat so quickly!

And a good chef wants his guests to enjoy the experience. A good chef wants his guests to remember everything about the experience.

The same is true with your business communication. If you are the speaker, you want your audience to be able to listen to you, and absorb your message, and remember it. A good speaker does not force feed his/her message onto the audience. A good speaker allows the audience to hear, think, and absorb.

When I am speaking, I always like to think about this metaphor. I don’t want to jam my message down my audience’s throats. I want them to chew and digest.

So, slow down… pause… highlight the key points… and let them think about what you are saying.

Is this obvious? Perhaps. But I listen to people every day who sprint through their presentation and message, leaving the audience with low retention of the key points. It is a common problem. Don’t let this happen to you!

Have a great day!

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