The Three Levels of Delivery, Part 2


Recently we shared a framework my colleagues and I use at The Latimer Group,  that captures the different levels of delivery skills possible for business communication. We got a great deal of reaction on that piece, including a question via Twitter from good friend John.

John asked, “What happens when you need to work on a few level 2 traits but you have solid mastery over level 3?”

We have great respect for John. He is a smart guy and has been a great vendor for TLG. So rather than just reply via Twitter, John gets his own blog response!

While it can seem that someone has achieved mastery of level 3 presence – great voice, vocabulary, eye contact, pace, confidence, etc. – without the techniques required in level 2, we don’t think you can master level 3. To truly master level 3, you have to have already mastered levels 1 and 2. Because level 3 isn’t just about polish and voice and confidence. Level 3 presence is about the full package. You don’t distract, you help your audience retain the most important information, AND on top of that you bring all the polish and confidence of a great presence. If I don’t have the techniques to help the key information be remembered, then even though I may SOUND perfectly polished and confident, I am not in possession of a truly great presence. I can’t master level 3 until the first two levels are first mastered. Because this is all cumulative.

I hope this helps, John. Let us know if you want to continue the discussion. We love your input.

Have a great day.

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