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The Message Makeover Podcast: The Science and Occasional Mania of Workplace Meetings with Dr. Steven Rogelberg

This post was written by Dan Cooney, Director of Business Development at The Latimer Group.

Meeting madness! The problem has been hiding in plain sight for years and I’ve heard the stats more times than I listened to Purple Rain in the 80’s.  There are 55 million meetings a day in the U.S. alone and half of those meetings are rated poorly by attendees. Meetings are poorly planned and executed. We all have lived this truth at some point in our careers.

So what are we going to do about it? In our latest podcast Dean Brenner and I interview Dr. Steven Rogelberg, the author of the hot business book, The Surprising Science of Meetings. There’s no “one right way” to run a meeting, he tells us, but there are specific steps, mindsets and tools that can help you become a meeting master. We hope you enjoy this episode of The Message Makeover. And we encourage you to pick up a copy of Dr. Rogelberg’s book here.

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The Message Makeover Podcast: The Surprising Science of Meetings

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