The Message Makeover Podcast: On Politics, Social Media and the NBA, with Chris Kelly

In the latest episode of The Message Makeover, we interview Chris Kelly on a range of fascinating issues, from owning an NBA team and reopening a professional sports league during a pandemic, to the rise of social media echo chambers and the loss of privacy, with a little bit of light politics thrown in.

Currently, Chris is a co-owner of the Sacramento Kings of the NBA. Previously, Chris served as Facebook’s Chief Privacy Officer and Head of Global Public Policy, among several other roles at the company. And in 2010, Chris ran as a Democratic candidate for Attorney General in the state of California, losing to the eventual winner, now Vice President Kamala Harris.

All of these experiences have made Chris a widely known and well-respected expert on corporate strategy, intellectual property and privacy and data protection. He is a frequent guest on CNBC, speaking on a range of business, government, tech and privacy topics.

Chris received his BA from Georgetown University, and then a JD from Harvard and an MA in Political Science from Yale.

We hope you enjoy this episode of The Message Makeover.

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