The Message Makeover Podcast: Building Bridges Between Worlds, with Dr. Jared Horvath

This is a killer episode, and we say that with great humility.

In the latest episode of The Message Makeover Podcast, we interview Dr. Jared Horvath, an award-winning cognitive neuroscientist who has lectured at Harvard University, Harvard Medical School and the University of Melbourne.

What’s special about this conversation? Dr. Horvath is the guy who can explain the science behind how the human brain processes communication. Anyone who knows us at The Latimer Group and The Cooney Company knows that we care a lot about things like getting to the point, building connections, and making things simple and easy to absorb. We know those kinds of skills are important in today’s world. Dr. Horvath is the guy who can tell you why they are important. And he explains things in ways that are understandable and immediately applicable. In other words, he is really good at doing exactly what we want all our clients to be able to do.

We also love this episode because we are rolling out a new format. We know that time is precious, and that not everyone has an hour to listen to a long podcast. So, starting with this episode, my co-host Dan Cooney and I will take the best nuggets from the interview, and summarize the conversation for you up front. We ask for 15 minutes of your time. And then, at the end of those 15 minutes, if you like what you heard, and want to hear the full interview with Dr. Horvath, we include it in its entirety.

We loved our conversation in this episode, and we hope you do also. And if you want to pick up one of Dr. Horvath’s (six) books, here is the link to our favorite.

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Looking for more from The Latimer Group?


2 responses to “The Message Makeover Podcast: Building Bridges Between Worlds, with Dr. Jared Horvath”

  1. Hi, I am a devotee from the time you had Chubb agents and enjoy and value deeply your platform. I was disappointed in the take on Power Point, I thought the focus was to teach and convey the subject to the attendees. With the maximum communication. I have always tried to get the webinar producers provide the slides before based on the fact that I would take notes along with the broadcast of webinar, which would enhance my understanding of the topic and the ability to ask questions live or by e-mail. Horvath seemed to suggest that he would be eliminated if he gave away to much info and that the attendees would not need him if they secured the slide., and yet he makes the point how more enriching live teaching is, and that is because the student rarely wants or needs to achieve the depth of the subject that the teacher has and the teacher is a vehicle for learning and choosing the direction for tomorrow.

  2. Heather says:

    It’s not that he won’t give you his slides, it’s that his slides don’t have any text on them so they don’t mean anything to someone that wasn’t engaged with his talk. If you take notes the images on each slide may jog your memory but you would be better off not taking notes (because you can’t listen and write at the same time). Instead, he suggests taking notes after the presentation has concluded.

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