“Everyone has a plan until they get punched in the mouth.” – Mike Tyson People love to plan. Everyone has a plan. You can’t do anything in today’s world without a plan. But having a plan is only part of the equation… and I would say it is the easy part. The harder part of […]

The worlds of sports and celebrity are overwhelmed with hype, and people who fail to live up to that hype. It often seems like celebrity and fame in 21st century America require lots of things, but it is equally clear that fame often does not require skill or actual performance. How many people do we […]

Teach Them to Fly, Revisited

Posted On March 9, 2016 BY

Just about three years ago, I published a post on this blog called “Teach Them to Fly,” about my then three-year-old son, and how important it is to give people — kids and adults alike — the confidence and encouragement to soar with their passions and strengths. I revisited this post recently, and some things […]

We recently wrote about that voice of insecurity that comes into our heads when we are experiencing self doubt. We all know that voice. Some of us hear it more often than others, but we have all heard it… the voice that says you aren’t good enough, you aren’t ready, you are going to under-perform. […]

Note: We recently added to this post an audio version, as the latest installment of our Soundwaves podcast. Listen via the audio player at the bottom of this post, and be sure to check out the entire library of Soundwaves episodes available on iTunes, or via your favorite podcast player. There is this voice inside […]

Recently we shared a framework my colleagues and I use at The Latimer Group,  that captures the different levels of delivery skills possible for business communication. We got a great deal of reaction on that piece, including a question via Twitter from good friend John. John asked, “What happens when you need to work on […]

The 3 Levels of Verbal Delivery

Posted On September 22, 2015 BY

There are lots of ways to think about how we speak, and the way we deliver our message in the workplace. There is no one single standard for what is required and what is considered “great.” Authenticity always needs to rule the day, and we all need to have the confidence to speak in our […]

We work all the time with people who want to improve their speaking skills. But like any coaching situation, you need to determine what the root cause of the speaking problem is, before you can solve for or eliminate the problem. Does the speaking problem manifest itself with poor delivery and little projected confidence? Well, […]

I spent a little time this past weekend capturing some thoughts after a heavy stretch of client work and travel. We have been delivering workshops to our clients at a brisk pace, and every once in a while, I like to pause after a big stretch and capture what I am learning. One of the […]

In our coaching and training, we end up discussing the interview process all the time. Many of our clients interview regularly for promotions within their company. And almost all of our clients have to conduct interviews with others, for positions they are trying to fill on their own teams. Part of our coaching process is […]