Speaking Tip: Think in Periods, Not Commas

stopsignHave you ever sat through a meeting, listening to someone who just rambles on and on and on? Brutal, isn’t it? You are looking at your watch or your phone, trying to wish the time forward and each time you look you realize it is only 48 seconds since the last time you looked. It takes every ounce of self control in your body to smile and nod and look engaged. And all the while, you are hoping this person will just STOP talking.

Now, be honest with yourself, and think about if anyone ever has felt that way in one of your meetings


We’ve all had those moments of rambling, some of us more than others. And there are a few ways to deal with it. Many of the solutions consist of better techniques for preparing and organizing your message. We’ve written about that many times here in the past, but that is not our topic today. Today’s solution is more of a delivery technique.

When rambling is the concern, we need to think about a few things: shorter sentences and actual pauses, moments of silence between sentences and between thoughts. Silence can, and should, be practiced. And a great way to think about creating that silence is to “think in periods.” Think of a period as a stop sign in your monologue, a moment to pause.

When we ramble, most of us are thinking in commas, with long sentences, no pauses, and we become like a boulder rolling down hill. We go faster and faster and we go on and on and on, gaining speed all the time, never letting anyone catch up to us.

The point here is to try to break your speech pattern up, and to speak in a complete sentence, and then STOP. Wait a moment, and then speak again. This will allow your audience to keep up with you and digest what you are saying.

Think in periods. Focus on the silent pause. Slow down. Shorten your sentences.

This will help the rambling. I promise!

Have a great day.

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