Silence is Not an Option

To our clients and friends in The Latimer Group community.

We are thoroughly disgusted by the treatment and tragic killing of George Floyd on May 25 in Minneapolis. This reminds us, yet again, of how far our country has yet to go in our journey towards fairness, opportunity and safety for all. The legitimate protests that have since followed remind us, once again, that there are large communities of people in the United States, in particular the black community, that are enraged, scared and must be heard.

Our organization has always stood strongly and unequivocally against all forms of discrimination, racism, and hatred. But today, we feel that “standing against” something is not enough. We believe that real change will require more than simply being “against” something. Real change will require real conversation, real listening and real action.

Since our founding nearly twenty years ago, we have always believed that great communication skills can change the world. Today, we believe that great communication will be required to begin making the progress that has never been optional, but long ignored. We need more listening, more awareness, and more honest discussion.

Our team is committed to looking actively for tangible ways that we can be a part of the progress – through our work, our volunteerism, our donations, and our action.

Please join us. Silence is not an option.

The Latimer Group

Dean Brenner
Whitney Sweeney
Hannah Morris
Kendra Raguckas
Dan Cooney
Jordan DeFreitas


4 responses to “Silence is Not an Option”

  1. Douglas Kaplan says:

    Excellent post and responsible action with accountability is the key.

  2. Seie Brigham says:

    Hi Dean,
    Thank you for doing this. I was raised in part by a loving black man. 2 of my sisters have mixed race grandchildren. So it is family. Beside the fact that it is ethical to have equality in our world. I don’t have business solutions, except to make decisions as if it was always about someone you love, but I will pass this along.
    I definitely think reparations are required!
    Love to you and the family,

  3. Mark Fader says:

    Well said and well done!

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