More Tips for Identifying Your Fingerprints

This post was written by Kendra Raguckas, eLearning Designer and Facilitator at The Latimer Group.

Last week I attended Women in Leadership: Lessons from the Top hosted by People’s United Center for Women and Business. I had the pleasure of hearing two successful women speak: Judy Olian, Quinnipiac University’s 9th President, and Sara Longobardi, Senior Executive Vice President, Retail Banking at People’s United Bank. Each shared her experiences and advice on what has contributed to their success while over 100 men and women listened with tremendous interest. Each story was motivating and the one piece of advice that stuck with me was to “find your personal brand”.

At The Latimer Group, we help participants find their personal brand through their fingerprints and explore how they can demonstrate their fingerprints every day. Everyone has a unique set of fingerprints and as you leave them behind when you physically touch something, you also leave your brand fingerprints behind through every interaction you have. Identifying your fingerprints can be difficult because you must be self-aware and willing to explore your strengths, weaknesses, and the impression you leave with those you interact with. Your fingerprints, or personal brand should arise organically through your experiences. Here are some suggestions on how to identify them:

Consider your leadership aspirations: No matter what workshop we are facilitating, identifying the goal of the participant’s communication is always at the heart. You cannot achieve anything without knowing what the goals are. Considering your leadership aspirations will help in pinpointing your career goal. Once you have that in place you can better articulate what you need to get there and if your brand can align with those goals.

Identify and acknowledge your strengths: Research shows that most women attribute their success to outside forces, such as luck, while most men attribute their success to their abilities. With that said, we all have strengths and being able to identify and acknowledge them will help you articulate your personal brand. Ask a colleague, director, or direct report for feedback if you need assistance.

Recognize your unique contributions: There is no clear path to success and everyone’s story is different. Your story and experiences offer a unique perspective. To help pinpoint your unique contributions, think of a time when you were part of a successful team. What did the team accomplish and what did you bring to the table that no one else could?

Once you feel confident that you know your fingerprints or personal brand, you can align your actions so the impression you leave behind models your fingerprints. Consciously demonstrate your fingerprints every day so you can make a lasting and purposeful impression.

How do you demonstrate your personal brand?

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