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I recently spent some time conducting training workshops with one of our best clients. It was a week away from home, which is always a hard thing. I hate being away from home, but I also love my work, and this is a great client. So, yes, it can be conflicting when the work you love takes you away from the family you love.

I know many people understand this sentiment exactly.

Each morning during my time away, I would make the short walk from the hotel to the client’s office building, and on that walk each morning, I would think about my family and how much longer until I got to be home. I won’t say I was sad, but I was certainly missing my wife and son.

And then, each morning, as I entered the lobby of the tower, there was this security guard standing near the elevator. He would say “good morning” to everyone. And he knew many people by name, the regulars that he would see every day.

On three of the mornings I was there last week, I heard someone on the elevator quietly comment on how nice “Tim” was, and how his pleasant demeanor was always such a nice start to the day.

It really got me thinking about the power of just being nice, pleasant, saying “hello” and smiling at someone. When I think about team leadership in the 21st century workplace, I always come back to how hard it is to align smart people, with differing agendas, high ambition and short attention spans. And among all the other things I think a leader has to do well, I think it is important that people enjoy being around that leader. I think there is great power in being kind to people, smiling at them, knowing their name.

Tim is not a business leader. He is the security guard in the lobby of the building of a major international corporation. But he reminded me of something last week.

Smiling, saying hello and just being nice can have a tangible impact on a person’s mood, and people in better moods are more likely to be productive and open minded.

Have a great day!

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