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It’s Never as Clear as You Think It Is

There is a disconnect that I witness every day.

The disconnect is between our own perception of what is “clear” and what others think about that clarity. When we have an idea or a strategy or something in our head, and we have thought it through and worked it out, in our own minds it is very clear. And then we explain it, a little bit (if at all), and we expect everyone else to see it just as clearly as we do. And we expect them to get it quickly. Some quick explanation from us, and everyone else should get it easily, right?

But it doesn’t work that way.

It took time for you to think it through and work it out. But then the hardest part is to take your idea and clearly explain it to others. That takes time, and it takes a little effort. You have to give people context, and the basis for your thinking. You have to let them catch up to you.

The point here is that when you have an idea in your head, it is rarely going to be as clear to others as it is to you, without some effort on your part to explain it… with context, clarity and a little patience.

Just because it is clear to you, does not mean it is clear to others. And if it is an important idea and you need your colleagues on board, make sure you build in the time  and make the effort to explain it clearly.

Have a great day.

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