Introducing The Message Makeover Podcast

This post was written by Dan Cooney, Director of Coaching and Senior Facilitator at The Latimer Group.

We are excited to introduce our brand new podcast, “The Message Makeover”. The show examines topical business communication challenges and offers expert coaching, advice, and feedback to business executives. Every day, consciously or not, we are constructing and delivering messages and how well we do that affects the quality of our careers and relationships. We can all improve our game, and in turn, our lives.

In the debut episode of The Message Makeover, The Latimer Group’s Dean Brenner, Amy Fenollosa and I discuss Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg’s messaging challenges in the wake of the recent data breach crisis. We know you don’t own a company like Facebook (although fun to imagine) but if we do our job right, you will learn or be reminded of a communication insight that helps you shape the messaging important to you.

Check out the debut episode below, and watch for it and future episodes on Spotify or Soundcloud. Enjoy the show!

Dan Cooney

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Dan Cooney

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The Latimer Group’s CEO Dean Brenner is a noted keynote speaker and author on the subject of persuasive communication. He has written three books, including Persuaded, in which he details how communication can transform organizations into highly effective, creative, transparent environments that succeed at every level.