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Hear Her Roar

Writer’s Note: Our focus this week on The Latimer Group blog is uplifting stories that will make us smile. And we will start off our week by reposting one of our favorite and most popular posts ever, about my daughter and a morning ritual. Enjoy!

This is one of those simple, personal stories that I love to share.

Our four-year-old daughter Kate loves animated movies (who doesn’t?!?) and her stuffed animals… The Lion King movie and her stuffed Aslan from the Narnia stories are current favorites.

One day a couple of weeks ago, Emily and I started to notice a sound coming from Kate’s room, via the sound monitor, every single morning. It sounded like a growl, but eventually we realized it was her version of a roar. She was doing it every morning, like clockwork. We would awake every morning to the sounds of Kate’s mighty roar… what a way to start the day.

Finally, one morning last week over coffee (for me) and oatmeal (for her), I dared to ask for an explanation.

Me: Kate, what is that sound I hear you making every morning?
Kate: That’s my roar, daddy.
Me: Why do you start the day with a roar, Kate?
Kate: Because I want the world to know how strong I am.

Me: Speechless.

There isn’t much else I can add to make this story any better. This little girl starts her day with a statement of strength… for herself and anyone within earshot.

You go, sweet little Kate. Never stop roaring. And maybe a roar would be a great way for the rest of us to start our days as well. I am going to give it a try.

Have a great day!

Post-Script: When I first wrote this post, lions were the favorite. Our focus has now shifted to dragons, and their mystical powers. And while the ritual is also a little less frequent now, we still engage in positive self-talk around our house. Trust me… it works. Thanks for reading!

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