Happiness Comes When We…

happiness comes when we

Good morning all, and happy November!

Our primary focus here at The Latimer Group is persuasive communication skills. We teach and coach these skills for a living. But we see our value more broadly than that. Within the context of teaching and coaching stronger speaking and writing skills, we also think it is important to help our clients to see a larger picture and connection between mindset and attitude and overall business success. We are constantly looking to connect the dots among different ideas, behaviors and attitudes that will lead us all to a better place.

This morning I read a great article about the things happy people tend to do differently than everyone else. The full article is here, and it is worth a few minutes of your time. But here are the bits that really resonated with me.

Happy people don’t hold grudges. They realize that others make mistakes, and they practice the art of forgiveness.

Happy people express gratitude. They say “thank you” to their friends and family for whatever comes their way.

Happy people don’t sweat the small stuff. They don’t get upset by perceived slights, they are not petty, they focus on the big, important things every day.

Happy people speak well of others. We all know those people who constantly speak ill of other people. When we do this, it reflects badly on us, and it is not fun to be around. It sucks the energy out of the room.

Happy people live in the moment. Enough said…

Happy people listen to others. We’ve been writing about this a lot lately here at The Latimer Group. We think it is critically important to good communication.

Happy people don’t get frustrated by what cannot be changed. Instead, they focus on the things that can be changed or improved.

There is a lot more in this article, and again, it is worth a quick read. But the macro point here today is that we can have all the technical skills in the world, but our performance in the workplace is still, at least in part, a function of the state of our attitude and general approach to life. Happy people tend to be more productive and tend to draw others to them. Happy people tend to have more opportunities in front of them, probably because they create those opportunities for themselves.

Good luck and have a great day!

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