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Category: Dean Brenner

The Key to Simple and Clear Communication in a Noisy World

Communication clarity is really hard in the 21st century… a mantra I have recited over and over in this space. It’s hard because of the noise, the competition for mind share, and shrinking attentions spans. But often the best way to combat difficulty and noise is to focus on the most simple, basic elements of what you […]

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Context Wins the Day

Over the course of this blog, we write frequently about the important ingredients for great communication… clarity and brevity chief among them. Today we touch on a third critical ingredient: context. Context is critical. Context creates relevance. Context helps your audience engage and listen. Context helps your audience care. We are all time starved. We are all attention deprived, to varying […]

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The Counterintuitive Key to Great Communication and Leadership

I was in a deep conversation the other day with an executive I am coaching, discussing communication behaviors, leadership styles, and what are the non-negotiable characteristics of great communication and leadership. And at the top of the list we were putting together was this… as often as possible, it pays big dividends to be able […]

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Simple Concepts For Successful Communication: Be Clear And Direct

Originally published with the Forbes Coaches Council. Not everyone is naturally a great communicator. In fact, almost all successful communication — persuasive, engaging, inspiring — is made, not born. It requires preparation, skill and practice. Of course, it takes time, and we all know how little we have of that. What helps is to keep some key […]

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The Community of Creatures in My Backyard

Regular readers of this blog know that I am an avid gardener, a weekend activity that has taken on a more prominent role for me in recent years. Prior to my early 40s, I wanted nothing to do with gardening… it was too closely associated with “weeding,” a weekend assignment from my youth that left […]

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Dean Brenner on the Digital Tells Podcast

I recently had the chance to appear as a guest on the Digital Tells podcast, with Host Sam Norton. Sam and I had a great conversation about communication in the 21st century, and specifically what new demands COVID-19 has placed on our communication skills. We covered a lot of time in a short period of […]

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Business Game Theory, Straight from the Poker Table

Long time readers of this blog know that I am a regular (but not constant) amateur poker player. I have a regular game with a group of friends, and our low-stakes game will range from one table of 6-8 players, to occasionally multiple tables with 12-20 players. And once per year, on the first Saturday […]

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5 Steps to Giving Your Message More Impact

Does your message stand out? Do you make it easy for your audience to remember what you say? Does your message make an impact on the mind of your listener? You need to care about this, because there is so much competition for the mindshare of every audience. There are so many things that come at each of […]

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Creating Engagement Is Hard… But NOT Impossible

We hear this all the time, from the people we train and coach. Engaging your audience during a virtual meeting is really hard, they say. And most people we work with are desperate for ways to create more engagement with their audience… because it feels next to impossible to create it. I am here today […]

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