The 6 Things at the Heart of Persuasive Communication

Persuasive communication is NOT about screaming louder than the other person.

Persuasive communication is NOT about bullying or intimidating someone into agreeing with you.

Persuasive communication is NOT about interrupting someone, cutting them off so they cannot finish their point.

And persuasive communication is NOT about saying one thing to a colleague and then playing politics behind their back to get a different result.

Persuasive communication is about none of these things, and it is becoming a lost art in the 21st century business world.

Here is what persuasive communication IS about:

  1. Knowing what your goal or point is.
  2. Having compelling research or information to back up your assertion or plan.
  3. Respecting that someone else may have a different opinion.
  4. Listening to that other point of view.
  5. Modifying your point and seeking compromise where appropriate or necessary.
  6. Making your point as clearly, simply and respectfully as possible.

Persuasion is about debate, discussion and letting the other person walk away with their head high. Persuasion is NOT about attacking someone just to get what you want. Because once you put someone on the defensive, or “in a crouch,” they are much harder to move. And even if you win this time, you have made a mortal enemy for the next time.

Take the long view when it comes to persuasive communication. You will get what you want sometimes, but not always. And if you make your compelling point while treating people with respect, you are not only more likely to get what you want this time, but next time also.

Good luck!

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