Team Training: Communicating to Belong

    A Noisy & Disengaged World:

    Are your team members engaged? Do your team members feel valued?

    A successful leader motivates each team member to succeed, ensuring productivity and creativity. To do this, leaders must foster a work environment where everyone feels seen, encouraged, and connected.

    Our over 20 years of experience across a wide variety of industries has taught us that when team members lack a sense of belonging within their organization, and especially within their smaller cohorts, it can make them feel uncomfortable being themselves. This has multiple tangible impacts on a company, all of them negative.

    Team in huddle

    A lack of belonging…

    Creates Trust Issues
    Personal Image
    Diminishes Individual Self-Worth
    Erodes Workplace Culture
    Decreases Employee Retention Rates

    A Need to Belong

    Belonging as a concept plays a pivotal role in shaping company culture. To help foster this, The Latimer Group has created a clear roadmap to foster belonging, based on decades of research and corporate consulting experience.

    This course is intended to support those with a desire to:

    Build an inclusive culture within their organization
    Nurture a meaningful relationships
    Promote compromise and collaboration
    Empower individuals and teams

    Fostering a sense of belonging is crucial to establishing effective communication best-practices at any organization. It also helps organizations and leaders build inclusive cultures where everyone’s voice matters, and everyone feels like part of the group.

    When we achieve this, people feel empowered, and organizations thrive.

    Jay Prewitt Headshot

    “We are at a crucial point in our nation’s history, engaging in significant discussions. We’re embracing our diverse origins and working to include various voices in business, social, financial and political discussions.

    Jay Prewitt-Cruz, Director of Coaching & Facilitation at The Latimer Group