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Imagine speaking confidently, clearly, and directly. Imagine running effective meetings where no one’s time is wasted. Imagine eliminating costly, embarrassing misunderstandings. Imagine accomplishing your goals efficiently and through consensus. At The Latimer Group, we believe that all this is possible. We believe that anyone can be a clear, effective, persuasive communicator once they have the right tools.

We coach with respect and create a secure, nurturing environment, where even the most nervous speaker can feel safe to take a risk. We approach every teaching opportunity as a chance to empower people to share their stories, to listen and learn from others, and to build respectful relationships with both colleagues and clients. Participants in our workshops become more persuasive, approach their work more confidently, and inspire better communication among their colleagues.

“This was the most effective communication workshop I have ever had.”

What sets us apart

  • Simple methodology. Our frameworks are easy to understand and easy to put into practice for repeatable results.
  • Experiential learning. To learn, do. Our learning environments give participants a chance to put our frameworks into practice and to learn from their colleagues. We offer specific, constructive feedback that facilitates immediate improvement.
  • Transformational change. Our methodology promotes a continuum of learning. Rather than isolated training, we encourage on-going practice and enduring impact, resulting in long-term improvement, greater individual confidence, and increased organizational competence.

“This is one of only a few workshops that I have taken where I have learned something about myself that I can now go connect and apply to enhance me in my career.”

Our workshops

At The Latimer Group, we know that the best way to teach is to listen first. We begin by getting to know our clients and their needs. Then we create customized, dynamic content that addresses their communication goals.

We offer in-person workshops for small and large groups and provide virtual learning through two approaches:

  • eLearning. Asynchronous courses that allow participants to discover our step-by-step approach and practice tools that can be applied to all forms of communication.
  • Webinars. Interactive and engaging live sessions of varying lengths addressing topics listed below.

Whatever your needs, our core philosophies and key differentiators remain the same.

“This was a VERY effective workshop. I have learned skills that I will keep with me for the remainder of my career.”

Sample course offerings

View Course

Directed at those in or aspiring to leadership positions, this workshop focuses on driving decision-making efficiently, effectively, and confidently.

Executive Communication Skills

View Course

Whether for meetings, presentations, or one-on-one, this workshop will enable you to build consensus, deliver with confidence, and create clear, concise messages.

Presentation Skills

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By developing self- and situational awareness, active listening, and confident presentation skills, participants cultivate a powerful presence both formally and informally.

Powerful Presence

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Enrich your business communication by learning how to use stories to share knowledge, connect with audiences, and motivate teams toward a clear goal.


View Course

Identify and articulate your unique brand and use powerful storytelling to leave a lasting impression.

Leadership Brand

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Develop well-organized, concise, and memorable written communications that effectively articulate clear, persuasive key points.

Business Writing

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Engage a remote audience, maintain a powerful presence, and be an effective leader, whether over a conference call, in a remote meeting, or during a webinar.

Virtual Communication