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Three Keys to Speaking Confidence and Conviction

This post was written by Amy Fenollosa, Director of Learning at The Latimer Group

Think of the great leaders you’ve worked with in the past. Think of the speakers or leaders who stood out or inspired you, and consider what it was that made such an indelible impression. Wherever they may come from in the world, and regardless of the industry, these people share two key qualities essential to powerful communication: confidence and conviction.

How do we demonstrate confidence in ourselves and conviction in our words? It doesn’t always come naturally. It takes courage to find your voice, speak up, and speak out. Here are some techniques to empower you:

  1. Do your homework. Being over-prepared works wonders for your confidence. Know your content and be ready to answer tough questions.
  2. Believe in yourself. Find the courage to stand behind your convictions. Your opinions and expertise are valuable — share them!
  3. Portray confidence. Stand tall, project your voice and speak deliberately. By demonstrating confidence, your audience will sit up and listen.

All three elements are inter-related — your preparation will bolster your conviction, your conviction portrays confidence and passion, and your confidence will engage the audience. Whether you’re presenting in front of a large group, leading a round-table discussion, or meeting one-on-one, confidence in yourself and conviction in your words will help you deliver more effective and persuasive messages.

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