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Establishing Repeatable Performance in Communication

Across industries, executives strive to create a culture of repeatable performance—a standard of work that promotes consistent, efficient, and predictable outputs. Yet when it comes to communication—one of the most integral components of any successful company— corporate leadership has rarely sought to set frameworks and standards to create a similar threshold of repeatable performance.

The reasons vary, but essentially this oversight comes down to the misperception that communication is a “soft skill.” This term has a toxic effect: it diminishes the importance of communication. It implies that a strong performer can get by without it and, even more, that if you aren’t naturally gifted at it, you probably don’t need to (and maybe can’t) get better.

Yet, as the noise of our business life has amplified, the value of a communicator who can simplify information into a concise, memorable, and digestible form has skyrocketed. For executives in particular, communication is a power skill.

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