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Are your communication skills holding back your career? Do you lack confidence in your ability to present? Do you believe that your message is often unheard, misunderstood, or quickly dismissed?

We believe that great communicators change the world. We believe that if you are willing to commit to a proven process, our coaches can help you strengthen your message, enhance your presence, and develop great confidence.

In a noisy world, communication skills are power skills – they can make the difference between being heard and being ignored. And after coaching and training more than 7,500 professionals and executives over the last twenty years, we know what success looks like and how to help you achieve it.

The three years I spent being coached by Dean and The Latimer Group transformed me as a leader. Dean’s approach was always respectful and collaborative, while constantly challenging me to be a better communicator and stronger leader. Because of my work with The Latimer Group team, I was able to achieve my goal of growing and eventually selling my company to a strategic partner.

Anuraag Kodali, former owner, Aerobond Corporation

What sets us apart

  • Communication focus: Our expertise helps leaders elevate their careers through powerful communication.
  • Proven methodology: Our success is evident from our 17 years of persuasive communication training.
  • eLearning tools & electronic resources: Coaching clients can access our tools and resources virtually to enhance and reinforce their learning.
  • Significant experience: Our coaches have a broad range of experience and our client list includes global Fortune 500 companies from diverse industries. 

I have been referring colleagues of mine to The Latimer Group for years, and have been coached by Dean myself. Their primary focus on building strong communication skills makes them a highly valuable coaching partner for my company, and we are able to leverage work with The Latimer Group in many ways.

A Senior Vice President of Human Resources at a Fortune 500 insurance company



Coaching options

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Our coaches help you transform your communication skills with simple, repeatable techniques and mindsets.

Executive Communication Coaching

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Our coaches help your teams, at all levels, craft powerful messages that build alignment and create support for business goals.

Organizational Coaching

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Our coaches will review your video presentation and provide feedback in a one-to-one virtual coaching session.

Video Coaching

My group has used The Latimer Group in many ways over the years, including organizational coaching and consulting to revamp our sales message across our entire team. They listen very well and have a unique ability to draw sharper and more compelling messages out of us. Our sales messaging and positioning has been significantly sharpened because of our work with The Latimer Group.

A Group Vice President at a major commercial bank and financial services firm

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