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Are you an emerging leader who would like to improve your communication and confidence in speaking publicly? An experienced executive with a phobia of public speaking? Have you found that your message falls flat? Do you want to discover your authentic speaking style? Are you looking to inspire change? Or perhaps you have a nagging suspicion that the individual conversations you have are not quite hitting the mark. If you have a communication challenge and you feel it’s holding you back in your career, coaching with The Latimer Group can help.

We believe that great communication skills can change the world. We help our clients transform their communication skills with personalized coaching. We work with individuals throughout their careers to identify their communication challenges, understand their blind spots, and maximize their strengths to become clear, effective communicators. We help people discover their authentic styles, enhance their executive presence, and develop confidence in communication.

Through powerful communication, we enable our clients to achieve their leadership potential.

Through communication coaching, we help clients change their worlds. We enable leaders to:

  • Strengthen interpersonal communications
  • Enhance leadership communications
  • Increase persuasion
  • Transform leadership skills
  • Improve presentation techniques

“A coach is someone who can give correction without causing resentment.”

– John Wooden

What sets us apart

  • Communication focus: Our expertise helps leaders elevate their careers through powerful communication.
  • Proven methodology: Our success is evident from our 17 years of persuasive communication training.
  • eLearning tools & electronic resources: Coaching clients can access our tools and resources virtually to enhance and reinforce their learning.
  • Significant experience: Our coaches have a broad range of experience and our client list includes global Fortune 500 companies from diverse industries. 

Our coaching approach

We begin each coaching engagement with a thorough discussion of the individual goals and priorities.  With input from key stakeholders, we develop a customized coaching plan. Traditional coaching engagements are six months long and combine face-to-face and virtual meetings. We work with your schedule to help you achieve your goals, meet your milestones and prepare for important events.

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