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Category: Sailing

The Formula for High Performance

Olympic sports have been a big part of my past professional life. I served as the Chairman of the US Olympic Sailing Program for 8 years, which means I led the organization responsible for all aspects of Olympic sailing in the United States. It was a big job, and one I enjoyed greatly. I recall a […]

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Be Clear About the Tasks You Need to Succeed

We are sharing this post from our archive today, because it resonates in the current environment. We love goal setting at The Latimer Group. But we also love being clear about the tasks that will lead to the fulfillment of the goal. Be safe and healthy, dear friends. As some of you may already know, […]

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A Classic Example of Listening Bias

My son takes sailing lessons in the summer at a wonderful little club in Rhode Island. This is his third summer taking lessons, and he likes it. But, at least for now, our son prefers just messing around in boats and has not developed a thirst for racing. Our entire approach to parenting is based […]

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The Message Makeover Podcast: An Interview with Olympic Sailing Coach Luther Carpenter

“If you don’t hear these words and understand their importance, we are not going to get ‘there.’ And in my world, getting ‘there’ is winning a gold medal.” ~Luther Carpenter, US Olympic Sailing Coach Coaching people to elite performance is hard, under any circumstances. But it is especially hard at the Olympic Games, where you are […]

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George H.W. Bush, 1924-2018

On November 30, America and the world lost a great man and a good man, with the passing of our 41st President, George Herbert Walker Bush. His passing gives us the excuse to examine him and his legacy… and to take a good, hard look in the mirror. President Bush (often referred to as “41”) […]

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Start Well and Eliminate Excuses – It’s Competitive Out There!

This post was written by Dan Cooney, Director of Coaching and Senior Facilitator at The Latimer Group. I’m a sailor and I compete locally, often teaming up with family and friends on Thursday nights. We are trying to win, for sure, but the laughs and camaraderie are central to the exercise.  Recently, we competed in […]

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Managing the Ego in the Workplace

My wife Emily and I have recently been going through some old files in our basement, clearing some stuff out and making some much-needed room in an already-crowded basement. And whenever one starts opening boxes from long ago, two things always seem to happen. You find some stuff, and wonder “why did I ever keep […]

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Can You Make it Simpler, Daddy?

I had an interesting conversation with my five-year-old son over the holiday. He asked me to explain something about sailing (which, of course, made his Dad smile). He doesn’t yet know how to sail on his own, but I’ve taken him out many times, and he loves it. He talks about boats all the time, […]

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How to Be A Great Teammate

I spoke at my former university recently, as part of the 75th anniversary celebration of the school’s sailing team, which I’d been part of at one time. The organizers asked me to say a few words about team building and team culture, as they know it’s a subject I’ve been spending a lot of time […]

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