Originally published with the Forbes Coaches Council, July 2018. Showing your audience respect has a lot of great payoffs. It makes your audience feel engaged and positive, it can enable a culture of buy-in, in which people feel committed not only to execute a plan or implement a new product but to make it succeed, […]

This post was written by Brett Slater, Chief Social Media Officer at The Latimer Group. Dilbert by Scott Adams has been poking fun at corporate culture and workplace communication since its inception nearly 30 years ago. And the above comic from last Sunday is a shining example — one that hits particularly close to home […]

In nearly every workshop I teach, the topic of “the open” comes up for deep discussion. My colleagues and I focus a great deal of time and attention to teaching people how to engage their audience, right from the first moments of the presentation or discussion. And one of the biggest mistakes we see people […]

Quick, but powerful idea for you today. Let’s say you have a  meeting coming up and you will be making a presentation. Your boss and some other senior managers will be in the room… or maybe a key potential client who you have been trying to sell for a year… or maybe you will be meeting with your […]

Sometimes it is hard to know the right way to say or write something. Sometimes it is hard to know the correct tone to take. How should I speak to these people? How formal or informal should it be? The answers depend on lots of things: the nature and seriousness of the topic; the level of […]

Communication clarity is really hard in the 21st century… a mantra I have recited over and over in this space. It’s hard because of the noise, the competition for mind share, and shrinking attention spans. But often the best way to combat difficulty and noise is to focus on the most simple, basic elements of […]

At The Latimer Group, we believe there are five “ingredients” that must be present in order to have effective, persuasive communication: Clarity, Brevity, Context, Impact, and Value. We teach these concepts in our workshops and write about them here on our blog all the time, and we believe that all great communication contains these five […]

My colleagues and I write all the time about the characteristics and keys to great communication. Many of them are obvious… preparation and practice are near the top of any list. But there is another component to great communication, that often goes unnoticed in our fast-paced, back-to-back-to-back meeting world. Time management, and creating a short […]

This post was written by Brett Slater, Chief Social Media Officer at The Latimer Group I admit, I only watched the first 20 minutes of President Trump’s State of the Union address last night, but something struck me as I watched. On any given panning shot of the crowd, attendees in the chamber – particularly […]

“Wow, that meeting was great. I wish it was a lot longer.” “When she explains things everything seems more complicated. It’s great.” “He never gets to the point. I love listening to him.” “It’s always hard to understand his main message, which is why I love his presentations.” “Her slide decks look like a passage […]