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Category: #FriendsandFamilyFriday

It’s Wedding (Toast) Season!

We get all sorts of requests from clients and friends, seeking our help with upcoming presentations, interviews, big sales pitches, or important conversations at work. But sometimes, the requests we get go far beyond the work place. I get asked all the time to help people with the wedding toast they have to give. I […]

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A Story About Respect

I am going share a personal experience with you today… the kind of story that is emotional for a lot of people in 2019 America. It is a story about an interaction I recently had with a police officer. I am making the choice to share this story with you with a healthy dose of […]

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Year-End Gratitude

Every day is a good day to express some gratitude. But the holiday season seems like an especially good time to pause, reflect, and say “thanks” to those around us. My colleagues and I are putting the finishing touches on our year over the next 24 hours, and will close our office for the holidays […]

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Giving Thanks

This is Thanksgiving week here in the United States, my favorite holiday. Forget for a moment the mythologized origins of the holiday… what I love most about Thanksgiving is the opportunity to pause, take a deep breath, visit with friends and family and give thanks. And it seems to me like this is harder to do […]

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Can (And Should) You Be Friends with Colleagues?

Here’s a challenging one, with no easy answer. Do you make your work life harder if you become friends (non-romantically) with a colleague or colleagues? Does it become harder to do your job when your professional relationships are overlaid with personal friendships? I think the answer is “maybe.” Adding a personal component to a professional […]

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The Importance of Consequences

Our three-year-old daughter challenged us a lot this weekend. But I could write that sentence almost anytime. She is strong and stubborn and delightful and hysterical, all at the same time. My wife and I adore and encourage her strength. But we also believe in strong parenting, and rules and limits. Which means we lock […]

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Don’t Be Anyone’s “Last Straw”

This post was written by Brett Slater, Chief Social Media Officer at The Latimer Group. True story: This is my Grandfather’s camel. Years ago, when my grandfather was in the day-to-day grind, he was in a job that frustrated him. So he bought this little toy camel, and snipped off a number of straws from […]

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Proof that Clarity and Simplicity Bring Good Fortune

Brett Slater here, Chief Social Media Officer for The Latimer Group. The above photo is of an actual fortune I got in my Chinese take-out last weekend. We had a great laugh about it around here. If you don’t want to listen to the team at The Latimer Group when they talk about getting to […]

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The Common Language of the Playground

My family and I were visiting my wife’s parents in central Mexico recently, when an extraordinary thing happened. We took our two children to a nearby playground, and there were lots of local children playing there at the time. Our son Zach, now eight years old, noticed two other children about his age, a brother […]

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