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Category: #FriendsandFamilyFriday

Dilbert Calls Out Distracting Communication

We’re big fans of Scott Adams’ comic strip Dilbert here at The Latimer Group. Adams consistently offers a funny (and often WAY too accurate) depiction of office life. A colleague of ours recently sent us this one on distracting communication in the workplace. We’ve written about Dilbert before on this blog, and also about how […]

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The Amazing Power of Yet

My son started fourth grade this week, and on his first day he brought home something from his teacher that I found profound and inspiring. As he was excitedly recounting his first day, and telling us about old and new friends, his new locker and how he intends to decorate it, he pulled out a […]

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Simple Advice: Bring Positivity, Every Day

Keeping your energy level up all the time is hard. We all get tired. We all get frustrated. We all get sick of our work/colleagues/friends/selves. And when we are any of these things, our productivity suffers. One of the best quotes I have ever heard (well… more of an attitude than a quote) is that positivity […]

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Please Don’t Stereotype… Anyone

Stereotyping… I thought we weren’t doing this anymore? I thought that as a society we had realized that making broad generalizations about a person based on their race, gender, sexual orientation, or demographic was no longer acceptable. Well, I guess Good Morning America host Lara Spencer didn’t get the memo. Or at least, the version […]

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An Invitation to Contribute Your Verse

This blog post was inevitable. I was always going to write it. I just needed a moment of inspiration. Because when your favorite poem is quoted by your favorite actor/comedian, in your favorite scene from your favorite movie, the stars are about as aligned as they could possibly be. So, late the other night I was flipping around […]

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A Classic Example of Listening Bias

My son takes sailing lessons in the summer at a wonderful little club in Rhode Island. This is his third summer taking lessons, and he likes it. But, at least for now, our son prefers just messing around in boats and has not developed a thirst for racing. Our entire approach to parenting is based […]

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It’s All About the Relationships, Part 2

This week, I am highlighting two special relationships that have had a disproportionate impact on the growth and success of The Latimer Group. It’s “Relationship Week” here at TLG headquarters. In my last post, I shared a little history about the founding of The Latimer Group, and focused on a man who hired us for […]

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It’s All About the Relationships, Part 1

This week, I am going to highlight two special relationships that have had a disproportionate impact on the growth and success of The Latimer Group. It’s “Relationship Week” here at TLG headquarters! I founded The Latimer Group in 2002, with little more than an idea, three extra rations of energy and passion, and encouragement from […]

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It’s Wedding (Toast) Season!

We get all sorts of requests from clients and friends, seeking our help with upcoming presentations, interviews, big sales pitches, or important conversations at work. But sometimes, the requests we get go far beyond the work place. I get asked all the time to help people with the wedding toast they have to give. I […]

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