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5 Solutions to Classic Communication Problems

If your communication problem is time, then brevity is your friend. Make sure to shorten your message significantly. Reduce your information to a list of “three things,” so that your message is easier to remember.

If your communication problem is attention span, then a “hook” is your friend. Work hard to connect with your audience with something that will grab their attention, and make them choose to engage. Use the B.L.U.F. approach… Bottom Line Up Front.

If your communication problem is complexity, then story is your friend… specifically, a story that relies on something familiar to your audience. Use a metaphor, analogy or a “frame.”

If your communication problem is skepticism, then common ground or humor are your friends. Something to disarm the skepticism, and dial down the intensity. If you have an “ask,” make sure to keep it small at first.

If your communication problem is inertia, then emotion — specifically excitement or fear — are your friends. Try to build up the emotion to overcome the inertia. And keep the first action steps small and manageable.

Good luck and have a great day!

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