How “Visual Literacy” Can Help You Communicate More Effectively

Try using "visual literacy" to see things from another perspective!

This post was written by Amy Fenollosa, Director of Learning at The Latimer Group

Have you ever had to make a pitch and it just flopped? Have you prepared really well for a presentation and it fell flat? How do we connect with our audiences and help them see things from a new perspective?

Seeing from another perspective is challenging for all of us — our default is to assume that others see the world as we do. That assumption can be a detriment to effective communication. In a high school classroom in Connecticut, one teacher is exploring student’s perception through visual literacy. By bringing art into the classroom and requiring kids to draw what they see, from various different angles, he illuminates their vastly different points of view and interpretation of the art. Through drawing, students learn to understand themselves, gain new insight, and ultimately become better at articulating their points of view. Through visual literacy, students learn to look at the world differently.

The next time you’re preparing for an important presentation, think about visual literacy. How would this presentation look from another angle? In the classroom, by creating their own art, students gain more perspective into what the original artist may have intended, and how their own unique perspective influences their interpretation. What does this mean for communication? You may not need to bring your sketchpad as you’re planning a presentation, but think differently. Really deconstruct your message; approach a conversation from another angle or point of view.  Bring a new perspective to the table. Imagine how effective we could all be if we could understand one another’s perspective?

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