How to Persuade Your Audience Using the Concept of Leverage

Have you experienced the power of presenting in front of a camera? Chances are if you’ve been in one of our workshops, you’ve had the opportunity to be videotaped while you present. And you’ve experienced firsthand the transformational power of seeing yourself come to life on the screen.

It’s a tremendous learning experience—we see our strengths and weaknesses from a whole new perspective. That perspective allows us to develop and improve; it allows us to become better communicators. We know video enriches the learning experience and have started using it in more of our workshops, not just in recording our clients, but also as a part of how we present some of our concepts, like how to use leverage to persuade an audience…

Leverage can help you think or assess your circumstances before you prepare your message, before you step up to the podium, before you begin to speak. We consider it not only a presentation tool, but also a mindset that can influence how you communicate, even when you’re not formally presenting.

We’re always striving to enhance our curriculum and find new ways to approach our content. The video, created by Brett Slater, the creative genius at Slater’s Garage, gives us another way to share our frameworks and bring the content to life.

Let us know what you think. We’d love to hear from you.

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One Response to How to Persuade Your Audience Using the Concept of Leverage

  1. As someone who presents frequently to audiences, primarily students and young professionals, I appreciated this video with its powerful message presented simply and clearly. While I know my audiences, my credentials are credible and my message is powerful, the latter contains a lot of components; this video reminded me to keep my powerful message simple, clear, understandable and memorable.

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