Kendra E. Raguckas

eLearning Designer and Facilitator

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My maternal grandmother is a first-generation US citizen, born to Italian immigrants who kept their heritage alive through food. No matter the occasion, event, or day my family always gathered around the dining room table. Having taken years to perfect; we still serve the recipes today, and they continue to evolve..

My road to The Latimer Group is a lot like those evolving recipes. The skills and experience I have acquired in each step of my career, are the ingredients that have led me to the role of eLearning Designer and Facilitator.

I began my career as a professional dancer and instructor. My passion for dance taught me discipline to accomplish my goals, and through dance, I discovered my love of education. As I began to teach others a skill that had come so naturally to me, I realized that my explanations and demonstrations made all the difference in how my students retained the information. After my husband and I were engaged I started to look at other opportunities that would allow me to continue to pursue my passion for education and maintain more work-life balance.

Over the next eight years I worked for multiple universities in admissions management. The training I received for the position set me up for great success and I experienced firsthand the impact of that investment. It became my passion to ensure that those who worked with me also received the training and coaching they needed to succeed. While pursuing my masters degree in Instructional Design, I became so enthralled with online learning, that I began to work for the university.

My skills developed from my experience and education uniquely qualifies me to guide The Latimer Group into online and blended learning. As the eLearning Designer and Facilitator, I can foster my passion for education and continue to adapt the ever-evolving recipe of powerful virtual learning.

Professional Credentials

  • eLearning Designer & Facilitator, The Latimer Group
  • Instructional Designer, Quinnipiac University
  • Enrollment Manager, Apollo Education Group

Academic Credentials

  • MS in Instructional Design, Quinnipiac University
  • MBA, Albertus Magnus College
  • BA in Dance Performance, Roger William University

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