Emotional Intelligence and Communication

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Most people communicate selfishly in the workplace.

Sorry… I apologize for that harsh opinion. But I believe it to be true. Most people communicate with their colleagues, customers, vendors, and suppliers based primarily on their own needs, wants and goals. Most people build their communication (presentations, meeting agendas, negotiation points, talking points) based on what they want, what they need, what they think.

But in our experience at The Latimer Group, the best communicators have a high level of emotional intelligence built into their communication. The best communicators are certainly aware of their own goals and needs. But in addition, they are also acutely aware of everyone else in the room, meeting or conversation. The best communicators are aware of the situation, and what is going to matter… the questions people have… the objections they will hold onto… the things that will cause the audience to say “yes” or “no.”

The best communicators, in other words, are highly emotionally intelligent and can anticipate what other people care about, and what the other perspectives are.

Know your audience…

Be aware of the people and situations around you…

Anticipate the questions and objections…

These are the most important ways to weave the concepts of emotional intelligence into your business communication skills. We always preach clarity and brevity here at The Latimer Group. We always discuss the importance of not wasting people’s time and making your presentations and meetings relevant, valuable and efficient. But in addition to those important goals, all of us also need to be thinking about perspectives beyond our own. We need to be mindful of other people. We need to think outside of our own heads.

If you want to make your communication skills a competitive advantage in the work place, add a healthy dose of emotional intelligence to your recipe.

Have a great day!

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