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How to (Really) Make America Great Again

How to (Really) Make America Great Again

Don’t worry… this post is not an endorsement of any political figure, party or position. But I am shamelessly grabbing a well-known, and highly divisive, political slogan to make a point about the United States, and the state of our culture.

As a country, we talk all the time about how to make our country better, and how to get ourselves on a better path. I for one, think there are lots of good things happening in the United States today. But I also believe we have real problems that need attention now.

We talk in our workshops about how in the workplace, leadership doesn’t always have to come from “the leaders.” And how true that often is when talking about the people in Washington! The country has become a cold, judgmental, divided place, and if we wait for politicians to somehow “fix” it all, we’re liable to be waiting a long time.

Instead, we like to think about all the things WE can do on a local or personal level to make the country a better place. Consider:

  • How we talk to each other. Friends, colleagues, even the stranger on line with you at the supermarket. Are we bringing the empathy? Are we listening to understand, and not just waiting to talk?
  • Perhaps there are some local causes or organizations in your town that need a little extra attention.
  • How do we treat people who disagree with our views? Our social feeds are full of acrimony and divisiveness. Are we adding to it by making others afraid to share their ideas?

These are not complicated concepts. They mostly come from just choosing to be nice. But we think that if we’re going to really “make America great again,” this is how we get started.

Wishing you a great, supportive, collaborative day.

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