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6 Simple Rules for Speaking Well


Speaking well can be pretty hard. Speaking in a way that captures attention, and helps you achieve your business goals can be intimidating for lots of people. It is hard, in many ways. But the keys to success can also be pretty simple, if you think about it the correct way.

So let me make this easy for you. Here are some simple rules that will help you speak better, starting today:

1. Decide what you are trying to achieve with the communication. What outcome are you trying to create? If you don’t know this, everything becomes harder. Everything…

2. Figure out who you are speaking to, and try to get to know their perspective. Avoid the “one size fits all” approach to communication. How will you engage the audience? How will you make them care about your topic or issue?

3. Outline your key message points. Keep it super simple.

4. Avoid jargon and acronyms as often as possible.

5. If you have to create slides or supporting materials, less is more, simple is better. Make sure you materials help clarify the key points of your message. And remember… your slides or handouts are a form of risk. Make sure they don’t make things harder or more complicated for your audience. A good slide deck is a form of risk management.

6. With your delivery, just minimize the distractions (like saying “um” or “you know” over and over and over). And use your delivery to help your audience retain the key points. If your delivery does not distract and helps with message retention, then you are doing well.

There you have it. Simple rules. Speaking well can be hard. But if you keep it simple and focus on these rules, life will get easier for you.

Have a great day.

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