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How (and Why) to Define Your Organizational “Fingerprints”

How (and Why) to Define Your Organizational “Fingerprints”

Today’s post was written by Amy Fenollosa, Director of Learning at The Latimer Group.

What do people say about you after you leave the room?

That’s the question we posed in a two-day personal branding workshop we taught recently. Everyone has a personal brand, whether they acknowledge it or not. At The Latimer Group we describe personal brand as Fingerprints. Everyone leaves an impression on the people around them; every interaction with any person makes an impression. If you’re not aware of the impression you’re leaving behind, you’re at a disadvantage. In our workshop, we help people to identify the key attributes for which they’re known; their fingerprints.

Identifying your fingerprints is an introspective process. It is not as simple as listing what you’re good at or what you like about yourself. We teach people to explore their unique contribution from four different points of reference:

  • Vision: How do you think about the future?
  • Performance: How do you deliver results?
  • Interpersonal: How do you communicate, engage and motivate employees?
  • Intrapersonal: Do you have self and situational awareness? The ability to reflect and learn? How do you show integrity? Make decisions?

First, we help people define their fingerprints. Next, we confirm we have them right, by checking in with the people who work with them every day. We ask “What five attributes is this person known for?” It’s an extensive process, one that allows leaders to compare their self-perception with the perception of others.

After they’ve identified the unique impression they leave, we coach rising executives on how to articulate their fingerprints through powerful, persuasive communication. At The Latimer Group, we practice what we preach. We work hard to stay true to our unique brand. We leave our fingerprints behind with our clients, our colleagues and people we engage with informally. Our five fingerprints are woven through our interactions and guide us, whether we’re delivering workshops, developing new content, or establishing our goals for growth. By staying true to who we are, we honor our fingerprints. We lead with integrity, we teach impactful classes, and we coach people to achieve their goals.

We honor our fingerprints every day and strive to leave them behind with every interaction. What are your fingerprints? What’s the impression you leave? We encourage you to think about your fingerprints and be thoughtful about the impressions you leave behind. Articulating your fingerprints will help you lead and communicate authentically.

Think about it: What DO they say when you walk out of the room?

At The Latimer Group, our individual Coaching and Training services are highly customized and designed to help you achieve your specific goals. Typical engagements focus on developing skill sets in clear and persuasive communication skills. To learn more, e-mail us at

Photo by Alan Levine used under the following license.

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