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Be the Fearless Girl. Stare Down the Bull!

Be the Fearless Girl. Stare down the bull!

Today’s post was written by Amy Fenollosa, Director of Learning at The Latimer Group.

State Street Global Advisors pulled off a brilliant coup with its surprise installation of the “Fearless Girl” on Wednesday morning to acknowledge International Women’s Day. State Street has been advocating to increase the number of women in leadership roles and sitting on corporate boards. What better way to make a statement than with a strong, confident young woman staring down a bull?

Unlike the matadors in traditional bullfights who wave a cape and carry a sword—the “Fearless Girl” is standing on her own, hands on her hips, ready to take on the world. Her body language tells it all.

In our work around the globe, we’ve coached hundreds of women as they rise in their organizations, take on new challenges, and develop their leadership capacity. To women and girls everywhere, the fearless girl sends an important message. Stand up for yourself; face down the bull.

We can all take a cue from artist Kristen Visbal’s confident and powerful cast. When we explore executive presence in our workshops, inevitably, the first word people use to describe presence is confidence. And how do you display confidence? Of course you must begin by knowing your content cold. Being over-prepared and organizing your message in a thoughtful way.  Powerful body language will enhance the impression. Even the most prepared executive can lose an audience if they don’t stand up for themselves. A strong posture, head held high, open arms and meaningful eye contact are just a few of the ways you can demonstrate powerful executive presence.

Our hearts were captured by the Fearless Girl, and her presence on Wall Street will leave a lasting impression, even if the statue is not a permanent installation. Think of your role, the fearless women in your life, and the lasting impression you leave. Be fearless.

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