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Director of Learning

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Remember that insatiable curiosity we all felt as kids?  Asking “why?” a hundred times a day? Or disassembling a toy to figure out how it works? Kids are naturally inquisitive – they are genuinely eager to learn.  How do you inspire that in a group of adults? I try Playdoh.

Playdoh? Fortune 500 executives?  Yes. Playdoh. What I love about my work is the opportunity to be creative and learn alongside the participants in the classes I teach. At the end of a recent workshop, I was asked, “What did you learn from this class?” I think about it every time I teach, but it was the first time someone had posed the question.

Like the playdoh I hand out at the beginning of a class, I need to be malleable – I listen, I try to understand, I coach, and I learn, every single day.

playdohMy mom was a kindergarten teacher, my sister teaches first grade. So it’s no surprise that I chose to make a career out of education. After many years developing management training programs for emerging leaders around the globe for a large international company, I decided to satiate my own curiosity.  I was fascinated with teaching – but wondered how could I make it better? So, I left my job and went the Graduate School of Education at Harvard, where I focused my studies on adult learning and organizational behavior. I studied Leadership at Harvard Business School and spent a year researching Executive Education. I wanted to know what differentiates lasting experiences from the fleeting, flavor-of-the-month type of training initiatives. I immersed myself in academia for a few years and then moved into consulting where I could apply what I’d learned in many different contexts and a number of industries.

Along the way, our two sons were born, and we moved to Connecticut. When my husband Nat became sick with Cancer, I dedicated my time and energy to his care, and continued to be involved in non-profit work in my small community. After Nat passed away from a long, courageous battle with cancer, I returned to my work and my role as an educator.

I bring what I’ve learned throughout my life to each class I teach. And I bring the lessons my students share with me back to my life. It’s a perpetual cycle; the learning, the education. And like the playdoh that we use, it’s malleable. It evolves and changes. And together we grow. The Latimer Group is the perfect place for me to share my expertise, learn from others, and spend my career helping people improve their ability to communicate effectively.

Professional Credentials

  • Director of Learning, The Latimer Group
  • Director of Professional Development, EF Education
  • Senior Consultant, Tandem Solutions
  • Consultant for Executive Education, Monitor Consulting
  • Executive Director, Guilford Fund for Education


                Relevance and Rigor: Executive Education as a Lever in Shaping Practice and
Research published in Academy of Management Learning & Education, 2007

Academic Credentials

  • Master of Education, Harvard University
  • BA in English Literature and Cinema, Denison University

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